Stay curious. Keep ogling.

OddOgle! A place for those with a curious mind, where they can collectively explore the oddities of the world.

Have you ever seen or come across something odd, and thought to yourself, “wait what on warth is that ?” Well, now you have just the right tool to find out!

User interface
Images may not be an exact representation of the OddOgle


Stay Curious  – Found something peculiar ? Take a picture of it, add a title and BAM, people all around the world are now able to join in on  finding out what that peculiar thing is.
Keep ogling – Users can upvote and downvote post based on their quality, relevancy and awesomeness. They can also comment on posts anonymously.
OddOgle – is new kind of social media platform. on OddOgle, people can anonymously share photos with other users. Post comment, give points from awesomeness or grossness and level up as you go!

Here is the first glimpse of OddOgle!

  • Hello World – New website and news!
    Hi So our school project is coming to it’s end, but don’t you worry The OddOgle is not going anywhere. To that note you might see less updates from our end but we will continue to develop app and add features to it so stay tuned! Also our website are now re-made with WordPress and […]
  • Status Report
    Our dev team is under attack by the flu season and we’ve been sick AF. Because of that, unfortunately I have to announce that we’ll have to delay our first release. Over the last four weeks we have been fixing bugs, as well as integrating Google authentication. We’ve also been modifying the in-app user interface, […]
  • Come see us at #CreateITseppä!
    Hey there! Tomorrow, on March 8th we’ll be attending createITseppä, an event about all that is IT! Our team will be present there, to talk about our awesome application, and tell all kinds of stuff about the development process, experiences from work, studies, and much more! Come say hello if you happen to be around! […]
  • CreateITseppä, and beyond
    March 13, 2018 Hey guys! We had a lot of fun attending createITseppä last Thursday! We’re glad to see people showing interest in our project! We also managed to loot a fat stack of coffee vouchers, yay! But the most awesome thing about last Thursday is the fact that we’ve now released an Open Beta […]
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